What Is Orgonite?

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What Is Orgonite?

There are a lot of products circulating these days which are claiming to be orgonite. Unfortunately, a lot of these products are very far away from what falls in the commonly accepted definition of "orgonite." This is a tricky debate, and so I have wanted to take my time and really clarify my position in order to share what I feel is relevant to the discussion.

So, let’s start with what is orgonite?

When I first learned about orgone I spent a great deal of time researching the background, the science and the metaphysical aspects of this work.  What I synthesized from my research is that Orgonite is a product, based on the work of Wilhem Reich, which works to purify subtle energy (aka ORGONE).  The basic structure is alternating layers of organic and inorganic materials within polyester resin.

Polyester resin is an organic compound because it’s molecular structure contains carbon - so Carbon is the identifier of what is considered “organic” in this equation.  Some, but not all crystals contain carbon, so they too are organic. The organic compounds work to attract orgone/life force energy, Prana, Chi, etc. The inorganic is the metal and some crystals, but metal is very important as it is the metal which most strongly activates the cleansing matrix by both attracting and repelling energy.  The organic materials simply attract the energy, so without the metals, you have an ineffective and inert piece of resin art. The more layers, the more metal, the more filtration = greater purification of EMFs and other subtle energies!

I know there’s a lot of people out there making orgonite, much more than when I started 7 years ago. This is great because it means word has gotten out about what powerful healers these tools are; however, there are a lot of people trying to jump into the field who have not done their research and are marketing their resin sculptures or jewelry as orgonite, when there’s simply no way for them to be effective because there is no, or very little metal. Also, I have noticed that a lot of people selling orgonite don’t have a basic connection to the metaphysical properties of crystals or a knowledge of minerals at all.  They use phrases like blue turquoise… turquoise is always a shade of blue. Usually if someone is saying “blue turquoise” they are referring to dyed howlite - a mineral with an entirely different energy from turquoise.  Or, I see things like “violet crystal onyx”… I have no idea what that is and I don’t think they do either.

How I use orgonite?

Regarding my work. I make a lot of different styles of orgonite.  I make some with lots of metal and consciously chosen crystals to support maximum EMF Protection and energetic alignment. I also make pieces with a greater focus on healing crystal formulas to address specific intentions, but even these always have a good amount of metal, because without it, they would just be resin art and I make orgonite.  Now, this isn’t to say that resin art can’t be healing … there is no one size fits all rule for how to heal… but maybe it shouldn’t be called Orgonite?

My intention for all of you is to offer a somewhat simple explanation about Orgonite and open a debate if it’s needed.  I take my work very seriously and do my best to honor everyone who requests one of my pieces by creating them with a pure heart, clean, sustainably sourced materials and signing up to support you on your healing path.

Please spread the word and share this post. (And fingers crossed that the trolls keep away 🤞)