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Violet Flame Orgone creator


Violet Flame Orgone generators are hand made and polished in my little Sanctuary in the healing Ojai Valley.  I am deeply grateful to have the opportunity to share these creations from the Heart with YOU!

∞ May we change the way we operate on an individual level and effect the vibration of the whole. This is my dream. ∞

With Grace,

Copper orgone pendant

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Orgone is the bioenergetic force within all living organisms, existing in a delicate balance. Utilizing the science of Dr. Wilhelm Reich, Violet Flame Orgone evens the energetic scales, returning the individual and their environment to their natural state.


Only God can solve the problem, all the things that are unseen from our sight, and God has the power to see all those unreal in our sight. This pendant can only solve some vibration from negative people, but the spirit world has things which the pendant can't fight, that' why only God has the power to end those, with sincere and unceasing faithful prayers every day.


I love these pyramids. So beautiful made. It shows how much care has been given in making. Thank you.


Exquisite. Made with Love. Since purchasing these Orgone pyramids the energy and aura of my home has changed significantly in a positive way. Also, they have introduced me the The Violet Flame which is transforming my life in a wonderful way. Thank you.


Love my beautiful pendant, very quick delivery, thank you!


I was so attracted to this crystal pyramid. The colors are so vibrant and sparkly. It truly embodies what I would think a Goddess crystal would encompass. It makes me feel empowered to hold it in my hands and feel the energy it gives off.