The Intelligence of Orgonite

The Intelligence of Orgonite

A client recently asked me if the “healing energy” of Orgonite is affected if a piece “chips” and if there is such a thing as having too much orgone in your environment.  Here was my reply …

Can you have too much orgone?

I truly believe that EVERYTHING in life happens for a reason. I also believe that EVERYTHING is happening FOR us, not ‘to’ us. So…as I have seen young children and adults handle the pieces at Festivals, Fairs, Markets, etc and drop them…chip them…’break’ them, I have surrendered to the will of the Universe on that one and trust that the pieces are more intelligent than I am. So, maybe they needed to release some energy, maybe they needed to realign energy, maybe it’s not the “piece” for someone if they lose it, or maybe someone else needed it more…maybe the manifested circumstances from someone feeling “guilty’ or “angry” or “sad” over a piece becoming in their eyes – ‘less than’, is exactly the opportunity that the orgonite was meant to create to facilitate someone’s healing around this type of experience.

Basically, in my humble opinion, the pieces do not become less effective. If you ever get a small chip in a piece you can use a nail file to smooth it out. If you have a bigger chip or break and feel really connected to the piece in its’ original form, then contact me and I will see if there is something I can do to “fix” it. Who knows…maybe that would be the reason it happened?

I don’t feel like you can have “too” much orgonite; however, be conscious of your surroundings. I regrid my home/shop often as I can feel a dissonance in the air which I know is from too many pieces conducting varied frequencies – kind of like walking around New York City after a month in the woods. Sometimes the crown chakra pieces need to be grounded, and sometimes the heart and sacral pieces resonate better when placed near each other. WHO KNOWS? maybe it’s all in my head.

Go ahead…make orgone…its fantastic! I am currently in my shop surrounded by at least 100 pieces and I’m feeling pretty good.