Thank You 2018!

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Thank You 2018!

What a year it has been! So many blessings, I am not quite sure where to begin. First, you may have noticed that I launched this new website in September. Definitely not the easiest task, but so worth it. Thank you for joining me on this journey and for all the support you have shown me along the way. I wouldn't be here without you!

The past year saw a lot of growth for Violet Flame Orgone and I feel so blessed to be spreading the healing power of orgonite all over our precious planet.  I have always seen in my mind's eye an orgonite and crystal healing grid forming with each piece I send out into the world.  The energy rooted here in Ojai, a truly magical place to live and create, held in a space of prayer.

As I got busier, I had to learn how to make lots of pyramids and pendants of the same design in order to give myself a break from the constant cycle of pour, sand, polish, photograph, edit photos, write descriptions and list items and then promote them. Creating one of kind orgonite is so nourishing for my Soul, but that long list above is what it takes to get them from the vision in my heart to what you finally see online. I’m meticulous with the finish work of each piece, I spend hours photographing and editing in an attempt to truly capture the essence of the energy of a piece so that you may be able to feel it through the image. I take the time to write detailed descriptions of each piece, in an attempt to convey the essence of the energy radiating from each piece. And then, I made a commitment to myself and all of you when I started this work that I would be personally available to all of you to support you with the pieces I create. I love the connection, the friendships, forged on this journey. I love hearing from someone who bought one of my pieces 5 years ago and hearing where they are in their life now. I feel it’s my responsibility to offer listen when the energy feels too intense or when you’re unsure as to how to work with your orgonite. It’s my joy to celebrate you when your intentions are realized!!!♥️

I’ve often kept my personal life kind of quiet on social media and given my focus to sharing images of the pieces I create and offering what I feel are “inspiring” messages. Part of me figured you don’t want to hear my personal journey, but I think that may have been my ego trying to hide so as not to expose my vulnerabilities. So, I am making a commitment to move out of my comfort zone and open up more of my heart to all of you. It’s funny, as I write this, I realize that sharing the orgonite I create is pretty vulnerable because I truly feel each piece is a reflection of my heart, intentions, internal process and healing. Thank you for witnessing me.

So THANK YOU 2018 and here's to an awe inspiring 2019!