Lucidity Festival 2013 and Violet Flame Orgone

Lucidity Festival 2013 and Violet Flame Orgone

Nestled in the Live Oak Campground in the rolling hills of Santa Barbara, near Lake Cachuma, VIOLET FLAME ORGONE encountered the experience of a life-time at LUCIDITY FESTIVAL 2013.   We created unique Torus shaped Orgonite Talisman’s for each of the individual camps and a magnificent Orgonite Obelisk to encapsulate and represent the heart of the festival.

Lucidity Festival is built by hand, from the ground up, and fully realized into a Lucid dream of the New Earth paradigm by the co-creation of the consciousnesses that attend. It is a transformational festival, where like-hearted souls come together to evolve themselves, each other, and society through Self-realization, Creativity, Awareness and Innovation.

When our neighbor in the merchant section, a young Norse-god looking man with a full beard and shimmering blue eyes called Thor, offered to help us put up our tent, we knew we were in the right place. In the right dream. What ensued was a circus of synchronicity, serendipity, heart opening, celebrating, remembering, awakening and tasting the true beauty and value of who we truly are during our 5 days at Lucidity Festival 2103. Scores of artists collaborating on sacred geometrical paintings, musicians both on stage and sitting beneath every tree holding their own sacred ceremonies. Alchemists, tea-masters, masseuses, energy healers and medicine folk everywhere to raise the vibration and maintain the sacred vessels that are our bodies. Lucidity Festival and Violet Flame Orgone were both truly blessed by the performance of the Ambassador of Ascension himself: Astarius Miraculli on stage and for a special blessing he came to our Violet Flame Vortex booth to rest and receive energy healing and orgone therapy from the team and surrounding generators.

We were so overjoyed by the reaction to the pieces by people from all over the world. Those on the threshold of new awakenings, Orgone enthusiasts, crystal workers, doctors, Qi-gong practitioners and many others who had never even heard of Orgone energy healing all took their time to lose themselves in the pieces. There were tears, laughter, excitement and new experiences for so many, simply by people holding the pieces and allowing themselves to feel the vibrations and to feel themselves.

Lucidity Festival 2013 and Violet Flame Orgone pieces have much in common, though ONE intent was especially in alignment. We both incorporate and integrate a balance of spirituality, consciousness, health, creativity, expression, science and meta-physics into ONE DIVINE FOCUS.

Which is LOVE.