Hearing the Call and Answering with Love

Hearing the Call and Answering with Love

…vulnerability “spoiler” alert…this week a beautiful Sister posed the question ‘how to use this Generators and Orgonite in general in order to have the life changing experience like yours?’

I did not want to reply with my “story.” I wanted to drop in and really explore where I am, and offer her my truth and arrive as the reflection she deserves. Here is my reply and I share it with all of you in gratitude for your love during this journey called ‘life’

My story with orgonite

My first experience with orgonite was a toroidal talisman. It was an older piece with large copper bits that a friend had given me. At the time, I was in a very low physical and emotional space, and had surrendered to the will of ANYTHING greater than my mind could fathom. I was tired of experiencing one sadness after another, and gave up on trying to ‘fix’ my situation. It only seemed natural after learning orgonite neutralized imbalanced energies, that I would keep this talisman in my purse at all times…which I did… for about 4 weeks.

During that time I experienced a surge of energy directed towards researching everything I could on orgone, Wilhelm Reich, pyramids, quantum physics, the meaning of the Universe, …well, just about anything that came into the field, I wanted to learn more about it…I also had a daily meditation practice, some amazing energy worker friends, and plenty of ups and downs to keep me on my toes

I stopped watching television, reading magazines and spent my time researching, writing, or in meditation. I began working with the phases of the moon and started a daily “gratitude” journal. I would record at least 3 things I was grateful for every night before I went to sleep. This is a great tool to use anytime you feel out of alignment. Offering gratitude and recognizing the abundant gifts unconditionally given by the Universe is the best way to shift your perspective. It results in a new world manifesting before your eyes. Seriously. It does. EVERY TIME

Then I began creating my own pieces which unraveled a whole new layer, actually a whole lot of layers and I grew closer and closer to remembering my true nature. I attribute the powerful energy balancing ability of orgonite for creating a spacious, loving environment for me to heal and to hear the call of my “calling” when it arrived. I put tower busters in the four corners of my apartment, charging plates on the coffee table and desk, pyramids by and under the bed…since I was making them, I had a lot to play with. I set up an alter with my favorite crystals, photos, some incense and a large orgonite pyramid I made for healing the heart.

Did orgonite open my heart?

Now the question I often come to is…
Did orgonite open my heart, or did opening my heart bring me to orgonite?
I am not sure of the answer, but without a doubt the two are linked. I find my energetic environment spacious, without the intense sharp edges I once knew, and this gives me the opportunity to breath more evenly, quiet my body, mind and heart and listen to the voice within.

My recommendation to anyone who works with these pieces is to set an intention. Set an intention for what you want to get out of working with the energy, and make conscious choices in your daily life that will lead you to healing. This includes meditation, creating an alter, starting a gratitude journal, becoming conscious of what types of energy you are surrounding yourself with… Do you have various electronic devices constantly plugged in throughout your home?…try unplugging those you don’t always use or rearranging their placement in your home so that they stay something you USE, and not become something which drains.

Keep tower busters in key areas of your home – over doorways, in the corners, on top of wifi routers, cable boxes (better yet, turn off the tv for a month), the refrigerator, your electricity meter…unplug the microwave. Try different pieces under your pillow, bed or by your bed to facilitate healing in your sleep. Keep a piece in your car to minimize energetic smog while going from point A to point B. Keep one on your desk and take a few minutes every hour or so when working to lose yourself in the light.

Opening the heart is key…practice whatever helps you experience this shift. We have so many healing modalities available to us because this is not a ‘one size fits all’ journey, so give yourself the space to hear what is calling to you and then ANSWER with love. My life has changed dramatically because I heard my calling and now, I follow where it leads. Again…which came first?…

I hope this answers a bit of your question. None of this is to say that my life is perfect now… I still feel pain, experience loss, cry, have financial stress, but none of that has the ability to make me stop loving myself and loving the world as it is. Unconditional love is our true nature. Stepping into that reality through the beauty of orgonite has revealed the world of my dreams.