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Violet Flame Orgone at Burning Man 2014 ~ Return to Innocence

What a difference a day makes…or a week, or year, or two years…
I just returned to a slightly shifted reality after 7 days at Burning Man, BRC, The Playa, or ‘Home,’ as many call the community created by the LOVE of thousands in the dust of a dried up lake bed outside of Reno, Nevada. What an awesome experience to witness the realized potential of the heart’s vision and then to see it burned away in a relative ‘blink’ of an eye. The honoring of impermanence, the willingly intended liberation of attachment by so many, with such Grace, left me humbled and inspired to release the remains of my own grasping…
My mother most likely would not have approved or understood ‘why’ I wanted to subject myself to life on The Playa… and, perhaps if she were alive, I never would have found myself watching the sun rise over the mountains in a stretch of desert so vast it felt like the end of the world, or had the opportunity to zip line into a giant Tesla coil, bicycled through a neon technicolor dream with the zeal of a child long forgotten, or felt the warmth of the setting sun as I held my lover’s hand and whispered ‘I love you’ amidst a sea of smiling reflections at peace with themselves in this true moment.
Throughout my time in BRC, I was constantly reminded of how similar we all are on the inside. Strip away our clothes, jobs, families, society induced responsibilities and what remains is simple, pure, unadulterated humanity. On the wooden planks of the Temple people wrote their prayers, their truth, and every word I read has been my own at some point in space/time. Every expression of fear, sorrow, joy, love, pain, passion, and promise echoed my own journey in this life and leaves me knowing that I am never alone, even if I want to be.
As I sit and type, while resting in the nurturing quiet of the Redwoods, I have a feeling that “inside”, my mother would have loved Burning Man and been proud of me for following the call even if she couldn’t this time around. And now, I know that I brought my Mom with me to the Burn and and had the time of my life as I felt her laughter carry me through the night, saw her eyes in the brilliant blue of the sky, heard her voice in a stranger’s smile, and touched her face on the ever shifting Playa dust. In the flames I burned my attachment to how my ego wanted the world to be, and now I carry her love in my heart along with the true knowing that we are never separate, never alone, and always loved.

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