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New orgonite tower busters packed with quartz, kyanite, SHUNGITE, and various metal combinations for maximum energy alignment of you and your environment! Neutralize imbalances and create a field of positive orgone radiation (POR) for your whole home. Experience reduced emotional and physical stress as you re align to the harmonic resonance of Mother Earth.

The addition of shungite to these tower busters amplifies the overall healing potential of all orgone generator creations. Shungite is estimated by scientists to be almost 2 Billion years old, absorbing and eliminating everything that imposes a hazard to life, while concentrating and restoring all that is beneficial. A powerful mineral to purify water and align electromagnetic frequencies to their balanced state. It can be up to 95% carbon, and is composed of nearly all the elements on the periodic table. Scientists who have investigated this phenomenon have unanimously declared it a miracle. *check out my blog post for more info

From personal experience and feedback from friends near and far, I have to say that Shungite inside an orgone generator makes for a incredibly potent healer!

People all over the world take part in what is known as “gifting,” by leaving tower busters in areas under high environmental distress. You can also use them to grid your home by burying in the four corners of your property, or just use one or two around the house. On top of the microwave, computers, cable boxes, any area under stress will benefit highly from these powerful orgone healers. Notice increased plant growth, a calmer environment, bluer skies, and a lower electric bill.

The photos above are examples of some of the intricately layered tower busters I create. Sacred SBB spiral, kyanite, rutilated quartz, embedded shells, iron powder, copper of varying densities, brass, bronze, and more…When you place your order I will ship what is in stock unless you specify color, crystal or metal combination preference.

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