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An Orgonite Orgone Pyramid with a smoky quartz point nestled between copper, dumortierite, green fluorite and hematite to stimulate the mind and bring clarity to your thoughts. These healing crystals within the orgonite matrix, stimulate the mind and bring clarity to your thoughts. Next a bed of brass, and in the middle layer of this orgonite orgone pyramid is garnet and pyrite to ground your manifestation energy for the full realization of joy and fulfillment through clarity.

The Mental Clarity Orgonite pyramid has garnet and pyrite in the middle layer to ground your manifestation energy for the full realization of joy and fulfillment through clarity.

This pyramid is one of my longest used formulas in orgone design.  I continue to create the Mental Clarity Orgone Pyramid because of the strong feedback I have received from those who work with it’s energy.

Use: place near your work area to receive the most benefits or use during meditation to gain insight into specific areas of your life.
size: 2.25″ square at the base by 1.5″ tall

I will contact you after you place to your order to see if you have any specific intentions you would like me to set while charging your piece under the healing light of the Moon, here in magical Ojai.  All pieces ship within 1-2weeks of placing your order, please contact me if you need expedited shipping.

Crystal and Metal Properties:

Brass: It’s element is Fire and Brass attracts healing, wealth, and protection.  Composed of copper and zinc.

Copper: great conductor.  Associated with Venus.  conducts spiritual energy back and forth between individuals, crystals, auras, the mind and the spirit world.

Dumortierite: also known as blue quartz, helps us connect the upper and lower chakras through expression, finding confidence through speaking our truth.  stimulating to the brain and brings enhanced intellectual abilities

Fluorite:  excellent for detoxification of stagnant energies.  Helpful for increasing focus in work and meditation.  Purifying energy throughout the physical and emotional environment.

Garnet: connected to the Root Chakra, grounds us onto the Earth plane.  Great to balance energy in the physical and emotional body.  A lucky stone for love, success, and for business relationships. It helps you let go of old behavior patterns and boosts self-confidence.

Pyrite: excellent for an immediate boost in vitality, will power, and self confidence allowing greater skills to manifest and overcome challenges.  Natural composition of layers of mineral and metal deposits, making it an orgone generator all by itself ☺

SMOKY QUARTZ: grounding, protective.  gently dissolves negative emotions it comes into contact with.   good pain reliever
Hematite: receptive element that is found on both Earth and Mars, a grounding metal/mineral that protects and detoxifies.

All Violet Flame Orgone generators are hand made and polished to a smooth finish in my little Sanctuary in the healing Ojai Valley. Created to alchemize imbalanced energies resulting from environmental and emotional pollutants, and intended for the Highest Good of all who work with this healing art form.

Based on the research of Dr. Wilhelm Reich and the work of Don and Carol Croft, every Violet Flame Orgone creation is made with polyester resin, metals of varying kind and density, and quartz crystals. The layering of these elements creates a matrix which effectively cleanses our energetic environment, and is the science and activating force in this healing art form. I use polyester resin because part of its molecular structure includes a chain of carbon atoms – making it an “organic” compound, which attracts EMFs. Also, polyester resin has a high rate of shrinkability when curing, which creates extra force on the surface of the quartz. This pressure magnifies the already present electrical charge on the surface of the quartz, amplifying the holistic healing properties of this abundant mineral. for more information see:

As my work progresses, my heart, mind, and Spirit open more and more to the energies of crystals. Their powerful healing messages aligned for conscious access to the heart center. I Reiki Charge and attune each orgonite generator at the completion of pouring and once more before shipment.

∞ May we change the way we operate on an individual level and effect the vibration of the whole. This is my dream. ∞

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