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An Orgonite EMF Protection Pendant created for personal protection from energetic imbalances.  A double terminated tibetan quartz rests in the center of 4 kyanite blades and 4 pieces of pyrite, over a bed of brass within this orgonite pendant. I designed a crystal grid within the orgonite matrix, intended to clear your personal field of imbalanced EMFs, restoring balance in mind, body and heart.
Tibetan quartz is revered for its’ ability to protect and heal both personal and environmental energetic fields. (the quartz catches rainbows in the light, you can see in the 2nd picture.) Pyrite promotes high-level energy assimilation, charging your body with clean energy. Kyanite is one of very few crystals which never accumulates imbalanced energies, it constantly generates a clean vibrational field.

The Orgonite EMF Protection pendant is a great piece to wear during the work day and in times of stress.

measures: 2″ tall x 1.5″ wide x .25″ thick

I will include a black cotton cord unless you request otherwise when placing you order. Please feel free to request something else – I have various colors of hemp, real and faux leather and suede 🙂

I will contact you after you place to your order to see if you have any specific intentions you would like me to set while charging your piece under the healing light of the Moon, here in magical Ojai.  All pieces ship within 1-2weeks of placing your order, please contact me if you need expedited shipping.

Size:2 inches by .5 inches
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