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A small orgone pyramid for supreme energy protection with a Black Kyanite blade at the tip and Shungite throughout. Five Layers of bronze, brass, copper, iron and cast iron keep the orgonite energy clearing matrix active in areas of imbalance. In the middle layer find pieces of tigers eye and smoky quartz for enhanced protection for your physical body from emotional and energetic stress. The base of the orgonite pyramid has my new blend of cast iron, shungite, petalite and selenite powder to purify, protect, and align. This orgone pyramid is great to keep in your work area so you stay grounded throughout the day.

During creation of all pieces, I set an intention for energy to move upwards through the orgonite energy matrix. Imbalanced OR (orgone energy) is accumulated through the base then aligned, directed and charged as it travels through the orgone pyramid. There are four distinct alternating layers of copper and brass within the pyramid. Separating the layers allow for more effective energetic cleansing, as the energy has to “work harder” before it can leave the pyramid.Use this pyramid to align the chakras, cleanse energies in a room up to 200sqft, or place in the garden as a gift to Gaia and watch your plant life grow!

measures: 2″ square at the base by 1.5″ tall

I will contact you after you place to your order to see if you have any specific intentions you would like me to set while charging your piece under the healing light of the Moon, here in magical Ojai.  All pieces ship within 1-2weeks of placing your order, please contact me if you need expedited shipping.

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