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  • Double Dragon Orgone Pendant

An I Ching Orgonite Pendant with the Double Dragon facing out to activate creative and manifestation energies through this Violet Flame Orgone Talisman! Charged with carnelian, quartz, peacock ore, pyrite and bloodstone throughout the I Ching orgonite pendant to pulse powerful energy through the physical body. A great orgone talisman to wear when feeling sluggish, or during creative projects when the body might tire from long hours. The I Ching Orgonite Pendant channels the energy of the Double Dragon, a dynamic creative force attracting strength to the wearer.

The combination of carnelian, pyrite and bloodstone aligns sacral and root chakra energies, and ignites manifestation abilities. Peacock ore clears the energetic pathways to all the Chakras, enhancing the movement of Qi through the body, while stabilizing cellular energy as higher frequencies are integrated. A potent orgonite pendant to charge and align the physical body!

measures: 2″ square pendant 2.75″ tall with wire wrap and 3/8″ thick

comes with a brown leather necklace unless requested otherwise when placing your order

I will contact you after you place to your order to see if you have any specific intentions you would like me to set while charging your piece under the healing light of the Moon, here in magical Ojai.  All pieces ship within 1-2weeks of placing your order, please contact me if you need expedited shipping.

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