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  • Tibetan Quartz Orgonite Pyramid

A double terminated Black Tibetan Phantom quartz surrounded by Unakite Jasper direct the powerful purifying and balancing energies of this orgonite pyramid. Alternating layers of copper, bronze and dried flowers from my garden in Ojai create a powerful matrix for aligning your energetic environment and physical body. Experience total mind, body, heart balance and activate the Heart Chakra to open to the gifts around you.

This Orgone Generator Pyramid is absolutely stunning in person! Use to deepen your meditation practice by calming the mind, keep in any area of your home or office to experience healing throughout the day or while you sleep, or offer as a gift to someone in your life and share the magical healing energies of Orgone.

****This pyramid sold, but I am leaving it on the site as a sample for you to order. I cannot guarantee that your pyramid will look exactly like this one, but I will work with you to create one that is meant for you.
measures: 3.5″ square at the base by 3″ tall

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