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5 Orgonite Tower Busters packed a combination of copper shavings, brass, bronze powder, iron powder, or copper powder. A quartz point, shungite, selenite or kyanite come standard in each piece. The colors are hand blended pigments and I design based on intuition. Use 5 orgonite tower busters in the four corners of your home and move the fifth one around to different areas that need balance.

People all over the world take part in what is known as “gifting,” by leaving orgonite tower busters in areas under high environmental distress. You can also use them to grid your home by burying in the four corners of your property, or just use one or two around the house. On top of the microwave, computers, cable boxes, any area under stress will benefit highly from these powerful orgone healers. Notice increased plant growth, a calmer environment, bluer skies, and a lower electric bill.

The photos above are examples of some of the intricate tower busters I create. Sacred SBB spiral, pyrite, hematite, rutilated quartz, embedded shells…

I will send what I currently have in stock unless you order a custom variation or contact me via email.

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