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  • Aires Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Charging Grid
  • Violet Flame Orgone at Burning Man 2014 ~ Return to Innocence

    What a difference a day makes…or a week, or year, or two years…
    I just returned to a slightly shifted reality after 7 days at Burning Man, BRC, The Playa, or ‘Home,’ as many call the community created by the LOVE of thousands in the dust of a dried up lake bed outside of Reno, Nevada. What an awesome experience to witness the realized potential of the heart’s vision and then to see it burned away in a relative ‘blink’ of an eye. The honoring of impermanence, the willingly intended liberation of attachment by so many, with such Grace, left me humbled and inspired to release the remains of my own grasping…
    My mother most likely would not have approved or understood ‘why’ I wanted to subject myself to life on The Playa… and, perhaps if she were alive, I never would have found myself watching the sun rise over the mountains in a stretch of desert so vast it felt like the end of the world, or had the opportunity to zip line into a giant Tesla coil, bicycled through a neon technicolor dream with the zeal of a child long forgotten, or felt the warmth of the setting sun as I held my lover’s hand and whispered ‘I love you’ amidst a sea of smiling reflections at peace with themselves in this true moment.
    Throughout my time in BRC, I was constantly reminded of how similar we all are on the inside. Strip away our clothes, jobs, families, society induced responsibilities and what remains is simple, pure, unadulterated humanity. On the wooden planks of the Temple people wrote their prayers, their truth, and every word I read has been my own at some point in space/time. Every expression of fear, sorrow, joy, love, pain, passion, and promise echoed my own journey in this life and leaves me knowing that I am never alone, even if I want to be.
    As I sit and type, while resting in the nurturing quiet of the Redwoods, I have a feeling that “inside”, my mother would have loved Burning Man and been proud of me for following the call even if she couldn’t this time around. And now, I know that I brought my Mom with me to the Burn and and had the time of my life as I felt her laughter carry me through the night, saw her eyes in the brilliant blue of the sky, heard her voice in a stranger’s smile, and touched her face on the ever shifting Playa dust. In the flames I burned my attachment to how my ego wanted the world to be, and now I carry her love in my heart along with the true knowing that we are never separate, never alone, and always loved.

  • …vulnerability “spoiler” alert…this week a beautiful Sister posed the question ‘how to use this Generators and Orgonite in general in order to have the life changing experience like yours?’
    I did not want to reply with my “story”. I wanted to drop in and really explore where I am, and offer her my truth and arrive as the reflection she deserves. Here is my reply and I share it with all of you in gratitude for your love during this journey called ‘life’

    My first experience with orgonite was a toroidal talisman. It was an older piece with large copper bits that a friend had given me. At the time, I was in a very low physical and emotional space, and had surrendered to the will of ANYTHING greater than my mind could fathom. I was tired of experiencing one sadness after another, and gave up on trying to ‘fix’ my situation. It only seemed natural after learning orgonite neutralized imbalanced energies, that I would keep this talisman in my purse at all times…which I did… for about 4 weeks. During that time I experienced a surge of energy directed towards researching everything I could on orgone, Wilhelm Reich, pyramids, quantum physics, the meaning of the Universe, …well, just about anything that came into the field, I wanted to learn more about it…I also had a daily meditation practice, some amazing energy worker friends, and plenty of ups and downs to keep me on my toes

    I stopped watching television, reading magazines and spent my time researching, writing, or in meditation. I began working with the phases of the moon and started a daily “gratitude” journal. I would record at least 3 things I was grateful for every night before I went to sleep. This is a great tool to use anytime you feel out of alignment. Offering gratitude and recognizing the abundant gifts unconditionally given by the Universe is the best way to shift your perspective. It results in a new world manifesting before your eyes. Seriously. It does. EVERY TIME

    Then I began creating my own pieces which unraveled a whole new layer, actually a whole lot of layers and I grew closer and closer to remembering my true nature. I attribute the powerful energy balancing ability of orgonite for creating a spacious, loving environment for me to heal and to hear the call of my “calling” when it arrived. I put tower busters in the four corners of my apartment, charging plates on the coffee table and desk, pyramids by and under the bed…since I was making them, I had a lot to play with. I set up an alter with my favorite crystals, photos, some incense and a large orgonite pyramid I made for healing the heart.

    Now the question I often come to is…
    Did orgonite open my heart, or did opening my heart bring me to orgonite?
    I am not sure of the answer, but without a doubt the two are linked. I find my energetic environment spacious, without the intense sharp edges I once knew, and this gives me the opportunity to breath more evenly, quiet my body, mind and heart and listen to the voice within.

    My recommendation to anyone who works with these pieces is to set an intention. Set an intention for what you want to get out of working with the energy, and make conscious choices in your daily life that will lead you to healing. This includes meditation, creating an alter, starting a gratitude journal, becoming conscious of what types of energy you are surrounding yourself with… Do you have various electronic devices constantly plugged in throughout your home?…try unplugging those you don’t always use or rearranging their placement in your home so that they stay something you USE, and not become something which drains. Keep tower busters in key areas of your home – over doorways, in the corners, on top of wifi routers, cable boxes (better yet, turn off the tv for a month), the refrigerator, your electricity meter…unplug the microwave. Try different pieces under your pillow, bed or by your bed to facilitate healing in your sleep. Keep a piece in your car to minimize energetic smog while going from point A to point B. Keep one on your desk and take a few minutes every hour or so when working to lose yourself in the light.

    Opening the heart is key…practice whatever helps you experience this shift. We have so many healing modalities available to us because this is not a ‘one size fits all’ journey, so give yourself the space to hear what is calling to you and then ANSWER with love. My life has changed dramatically because I heard my calling and now, I follow where it leads. Again…which came first?…

    I hope this answers a bit of your question. None of this is to say that my life is perfect now… I still feel pain, experience loss, cry, have financial stress, but none of that has the ability to make me stop loving myself and loving the world as it is. Unconditional love is our true nature. Stepping into that reality through the beauty of orgonite has revealed the world of my dreams.

  • Writing a new story…

    Lately I am seeing how we are all having our own unique experience in this life, colored by perspectives shaped by what we believe to be true based on our perspective from previous experiences…my, what a hamster wheel!

    “If you can see your path laid out in front of you step
    by step, you know it’s not your path. Your own path you
    make with every step you take. That’s why it’s your path.”

    Since allowing these words to swim through my being, thank you Joseph Campbell, I hear a sweet smile in the air whenever I begin to feel so ‘serious.’ Dwelling in uncomfortable thoughts, (please note I wrote ‘dwelling’ to insinuate suffering, rather than the simple allowing of feelings which might be ‘uncomfortable,’ to ebb and flow like the tide, like our breath), is a form of masochism. In any given moment, one may allow thoughts to come and go, or choose to focus their attention on something of interest.

    How do we choose…? Do we hold tightly to our ‘story?’ A ‘story’ which is limited by perceivable highs and lows? If I get to choose, then my story may be the imperceptible chills which run through my body when a hummingbird whizzes by. My ‘story’ could be filmed through the half-closed eyes of one resting between dream states. Appreciating, without attachment, each moment and knowing with the next breath a new story begins.

    With this, in humble gratitude, I put one foot, one smile, one breath in front of the other and allow the story to unfold before my heart. In trust, that the world will turn and a kaleidoscope of experiences are waiting to shine their light on this new day.

    Infinite Love to ALL family and friends. May we arrive in trust and allow the Light in our Heart to reflect true beauty to one another, always and ALL WAYS.

  • gifting-orgonite-tower-busters-violet-flame-orgone

    Orgone power pucks, tower busters and orgonite talismans

    Gifting Orgonite in the Garden
    I create all pieces in a little Sanctuary in the healing valley of Ojai, California.  Abundance offered by the Earth, received, honored and returned returned with love. It is so inspiring to be able to photograph the pieces in the same space they are created, a constant flow of inspiration and manifestation.  Every day I give thanks for being able to work in such a beautiful space, surrounded by magical mountains and supported by the loving vibration of Gaia.

    Unusually warm weather in Ojai calls for continued creating…and with glee, (literal glee),  I leap and allow the energy to flow.  Today, I took advantage of a clear sunny day, and had an orgone photo shoot.  This is a recent batch of tower busters, orgone talismans, and orgonite power pucks.  Looking at the images you see that  all are one of kind… the hand guided by the heart, not the mind.  My deep love for the Earth is expressed in every piece.  Using dried flowers, herbs, rocks, abandoned snail shells…warmed by the Sun, and shade from the Oak trees…I realize once more how blessed I am to be here.

    As a small sign of appreciation, I enjoy gifting orgonite whenever possible.  To friends, strangers, gardens near and far, and perhaps on certain occasions to various areas filled with power lines, or those things that appear to literally pull oil out of the Earth and make my skin crawl…

    Every day we can all make small efforts to express gratitude to the Earth.  We wouldn’t be here without Her…

    Are you gifting orgonite? Have you experimented with placing pieces in your garden, on power boxes, under your bed, in your neighbor’s yard?

  • Understanding Shungite

    Shungite is a remarkable healing mineral estimated by scientists to be almost 2 Billion years old. It can be up to 95% carbon, and is composed of nearly all the elements on the periodic table.

    Ok, so now I ask…’what does this mean and how is it beneficial in orgonite?’

    From what I have come to understand one of the most remarkable properties of Shungite is that it is the only mineral containing Fullerenes. A closed, hollow cage of more than 60 Carbon atoms form a fullerene molecule. Scientists were awarded a noble prize for their creation of this molecule before the discovery of it’s natural occurrence in Shungite.

    Carbon is the basis of life on the Earth. There is reason to believe that water contained in shungite deposits gave birth to life, because its natural structures and complexes are so similar to those of a living cell.

    Alright…so, it’s old, contains the foundation for LIFE – a lot of Carbon…and now, how can it help us?

    Fullerenes in shungite attract and neutralize waterborne contaminants. – meaning it PURIFIES WATER

    The Russian army uses powdered Shungite to create EMF protective coatings and paints for buildings and aircraft because it has been shown to be effective in absorbing radioactivity and EMF radiation.  – adding it to the orgonite matrix amplifies already potent healing energies

    Geo biologists are using it worldwide to balance geopathy and dissipate emotional energy as well. – helps us to return to our neutral and natural state of INFINITE POTENTIAL!

    Shungite absorbs and eliminates everything that imposes a hazard to life, but concentrates and restores all that is beneficial. Scientists who have investigated this phenomenon have unanimously declared it a miracle.


    Energetically, all I can say is that I am exceptionally drawn to work with this unique mineral. 

    Additional Info and Resources:

    Chemical compound of shungite is:
    Carbon – 20 – 95 %,
    Silicon – 5 – 60,
    Aluminium – up to 4 %,
    Iron of-3,5 %,
    Magnesium – up to 3,5 %,
    Kaliy – up to 12 %,
    Sulfur – up to 1,2 %,
    Calcium up to 0,58 %,
    Phosphorus – up to 0,34 %, and many other macroelements and microelements.

    Read more here:…/shungite-fullerenes…/…/nature-it-turns-out-made-a…

  • Violet Flame Orgone at Aura Shop Santa Monica, Ca

    Experience new Violet Flame Orgone Pyramids and Orgonite Pendants, with healing crystals at the Aura Shop in Santa Monica, Ca.  Check out their website for news and events in the area.

  • A client recently asked me if the “healing energy” of Orgonite is affected if a piece “chips” and if there is such a thing as having too much orgone in your environment.  Here was my reply …

    I truly believe that EVERYTHING in life happens for a reason. I also believe that EVERYTHING is happening FOR us, not ‘to’ us. So…as I have seen young children and adults handle the pieces at Festivals, Fairs, Markets, etc and drop them…chip them…’break’ them, I have surrendered to the will of the Universe on that one and trust that the pieces are more intelligent than I am. So, maybe they needed to release some energy, maybe they needed to realign energy, maybe it’s not the “piece” for someone if they lose it, or maybe someone else needed it more…maybe the manifested circumstances from someone feeling “guilty’ or “angry” or “sad” over a piece becoming in their eyes – ‘less than’, is exactly the opportunity that the orgonite was meant to create to facilitate someone’s healing around this type of experience.

    Basically, in my humble opinion, the pieces do not become less effective. If you ever get a small chip in a piece you can use a nail file to smooth it out. If you have a bigger chip or break and feel really connected to the piece in its’ original form, then contact me and I will see if there is something I can do to “fix” it. Who knows…maybe that would be the reason it happened?

    I don’t feel like you can have “too” much orgonite; however, be conscious of your surroundings. I regrid my home/shop often as I can feel a dissonance in the air which I know is from too many pieces conducting varied frequencies – kind of like walking around New York City after a month in the woods. Sometimes the crown chakra pieces need to be grounded, and sometimes the heart and sacral pieces resonate better when placed near each other. WHO KNOWS? maybe it’s all in my head.

    Go ahead…make orgone…its fantastic! I am currently in my shop surrounded by at least 100 pieces and I’m feeling pretty good

  • Toroidal Vortex Talismans

    A variety of Talismans in the toroid shape to generate a vortex of self regenerating healing energy.  The toroid shape, or “torus” is the template for the natural flow of electromagnetic energy.  The energy of a torus is continually refreshing itself, continually influencing itself by the natural movement of energy going out, and recycling through itself.

    Use to align the subtle energy body with the physical.  Wear or carry daily, meditate when called to, or leave in areas where significant imbalance is felt.  Read more…

  • Lucidity Festival 2013 and Violet Flame Orgone

    Nestled in the Live Oak Campground in the rolling hills of Santa Barbara, near Lake Cachuma, VIOLET FLAME ORGONE encountered the experience of a life-time at LUCIDITY FESTIVAL 2013.   We created unique Torus shaped Orgonite Talisman’s for each of the individual camps and a magnificent Orgonite Obelisk to encapsulate and represent the heart of the festival.

    Lucidity Festival is built by hand, from the ground up, and fully realized into a Lucid dream of the New Earth paradigm by the co-creation of the consciousnesses that attend. It is a transformational festival, where like-hearted souls come together to evolve themselves, each other, and society through Self-realization, Creativity, Awareness and Innovation.

    When our neighbor in the merchant section, a young Norse-god looking man with a full beard and shimmering blue eyes called Thor, offered to help us put up our tent, we knew we were in the right place. In the right dream. What ensued was a circus of synchronicity, serendipity, heart opening, celebrating, remembering, awakening and tasting the true beauty and value of who we truly are during our 5 days at Lucidity Festival 2103. Scores of artists collaborating on sacred geometrical paintings, musicians both on stage and sitting beneath every tree holding their own sacred ceremonies. Alchemists, tea-masters, masseuses, energy healers and medicine folk everywhere to raise the vibration and maintain the sacred vessels that are our bodies. Lucidity Festival and Violet Flame Orgone were both truly blessed by the performance of the Ambassador of Ascension himself: Astarius Miraculli on stage and for a special blessing he came to our Violet Flame Vortex booth to rest and receive energy healing and orgone therapy from the team and surrounding generators.

    We were so overjoyed by the reaction to the pieces by people from all over the world. Those on the threshold of new awakenings, Orgone enthusiasts, crystal workers, doctors, Qi-gong practitioners and many others who had never even heard of Orgone energy healing all took their time to lose themselves in the pieces. There were tears, laughter, excitement and new experiences for so many, simply by people holding the pieces and allowing themselves to feel the vibrations and to feel themselves.

    Lucidity Festival 2013 and Violet Flame Orgone pieces have much in common, though ONE intent was especially in alignment. We both incorporate and integrate a balance of spirituality, consciousness, health, creativity, expression, science and meta-physics into ONE DIVINE FOCUS.

    Which is LOVE.

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